Toronto, 1976:

Platform shoes, disco, and a bunch of ragtag comedians with no place to perform. Mark Breslin went to a friend of his who ran a community centre and asked if he could do a comedy show in their coffee house every Wednesday. "Sure, but it will cost you 38 bucks a night". Mark agonized over the expense, but committed to the idea, called the evening Yuk Yuk's, and the rest is comedy history. But only a few months later, Mark made a decision which would have an equal impact upon the future of Canadian comedy.

The comedians at Yuk Yuk's were good, and wanted to pursue stand-up comedy as a career, but other than Yuk Yuk's they had no places to work. They asked Mark if he could call around the country to get them some bookings, so they wouldn't have to quit doing the comedy that they loved. "Why not an agency for comedians?", Mark asked himself. "I'll call this agency Funny Business", and everyone laughed.

Over Thirty-five years later ...

Funny Business is still the #1 comedy agency in the country and still going strong, keeping Canadian Comics working from coast to coast

Festivals, Bars, Corporate Functions, Private Parties, Television Shows and Films. We have comedians that are perfect for any function. We're by far the largest comedy agency in Canada, and the original. It always feels great to bring laughter to folks from coast to coast and we are proud to serve you!

Funny Business