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There are no certainties in life, and that can be quite apparent when one chooses a comedy talent agency with little experience to set up one's stage show or comedy festival. Smaller pools of comedians result in tired and out of date bits, and the whole experience can leave a bad residue. Funny Business Inc is the largest talent agency in Canada, and has been for more than thirty years. Our acts are funny, current, and sourced from the best comedy clubs in the nation; any uncertainty regarding the experience of a comedy talent agency ends here.

Funny Business Inc. has the resources and the contacts to do everything in its power to make your event a perfect one, booking the best in comedic talent and offering a roster of Canada's most talented standup comedians. Appropriate for all situations, we specialize in clean comedy which is fantastically suited to corporate events, and any other type of event one might require.

Ideal for Corporate Events

Funny Business puts over 2 million dollars a year in the hands of Canadian comedians.

Standup comedians ready to work Festivals, Bars, Corporate Functions, Private Parties, Television Shows and Films. We do the most business and book the most talent of any Canadian comedy agency, and we're adept at putting the best comedians on stage wherever they're needed.

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