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It is often said that comedy cannot be taught, it must come naturally; there is some innate quality in certain people that gives them impeccable wit, a fantastic ability to tell a story, or simply the gift to make others laugh. Finding these unique individuals is a difficult process and takes a lot of experience in scouting talent and ascertaining what it really takes to be a good comedian. For over thirty years, Funny Business Inc. has been collecting the best talent in Canada and booking them in standup comedy festivals, corporate entertainment events, and every function that could use a dose of humor. One of the foremost fields of talent we boast at Funny Business is the quality of comedy writing; many of our comedians are experienced speech writers, masters of the written word, and adept at injecting humor into any written speech or typed document that the customer may require. Whether it's a speech needed for a company gathering, a wedding, Christmas party or any requirement in between, our writers are enormously skilled and can punch up your written tasks with humor customized to your specific event.

Ideal for Corporate Meetings, Weddings, And In Between

Funny Business scouts the finest in comedy writing masters.

With over thirty years of comedy experience and talent agents who are masters of selecting the finest comedy writers in Canada, Funny Business Inc. provides a full service humor agency with the ability to contract out skilled writers with lightning wit and a superior sense of event-specific humor. Try our services at your next wedding, company reception, or wherever you need a comedy writer to liven up the pages. Funny Business Inc. will provide the writers necessary to boost your written tasks with hilarious results.

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