Corporate Entertainment

Work-appropriate humor, perfect for corporate events:

Corporate entertainment can be a tricky field; typical employee gatherings imply a sense of seriousness and rigid appropriateness, and these sorts of environments can kill any attempt at a lighthearted and productive corporate gathering. These unfortunate circumstances aren't set in stone, however, and Funny Business has been bringing work-safe and unforgettable entertainment to corporate events and company gatherings for over thirty years. Experts in the business of corporate event comedy, entrust us to book talent for your corporate function that will have your employees doubled over with laughter, and leave your event memorable and one to tell stories about.

Ideal for Corporate Events

Funny Business has been booking talent for corporate events for decades

has been brokering the finest in Canadian comedy talent for more than thirty years. During that time we've refined our repertoire to include only the finest comedy acts, and we're able to offer enough variety to suit any corporate or business function. You can rest assured that our comedy acts are tasteful, brilliantly funny, and just the thing for your next corporate event.

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