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Bluenosers bring the show home

2008-07-23 00:00:00

Bluenosers bring the show home
July 22, 2008 05:00

Peter Anthony, left, Tracey Macdonald and Mark Walker are the Bluenosers Comedy Tour

It's her, lying in bed with two men, but Tracey MacDonald's father still posted it on the family fridge in Dartmouth.

"We all have clothes on," said the comedian. "I thought my dad wouldn't like it, but I decided to send it anyway. My dad and everybody had a good reaction to the poster. It is really funny."

MacDonald is sharing the bed with Pictou's Peter Anthony and Truro's Mark Walker, and all three are in the region this week as part of the Bluenosers Comedy Tour.

They will let the jokes fly at Alderney Landing Theatre on Thursday night.

"The photo was done at Peter's mom's place in Toronto, and she is a typical Maritime mom saying 'Is everything alright? I ironed the sheets,'" MacDonald said. "It was all really funny."

She said the idea for the tour - the tagline is Nova Scotia's Funniest Threesome - developed while all three were recently back on the East Coast.

"It's cool, I was home for Christmas, and we were playing Yuk Yuk's together," said MacDonald. "We were thinking we should do a tour in all our hometowns, because Peter was saying he had played Pictou before, and sold it out."

A past CBS Star Search grand champion, MacDonald currently lives in Los Angeles, where she is performing in local comedy clubs and touring. Anthony recently had a special on CTV Comedy Now, while Walker has been showcased on Comedy at Club 54.

"I think this is going to go well, and maybe we can play Western Canada," said MacDonald.

"Because we are Maritimers, but there are a lot of Maritimers out there."

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