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Many thanks to Chuck Byrn

2008-11-11 00:00:00

Hi Funny Business,
As you know, we've been hiring a Yuk Yuk's comedian for a very long time as the Entertainment for our annual Employee Service Awards Celebration. Chuck Byrn was our Comedian on November 6th, and I just had to write to let you know he did a phenomenal job. I have received all kinds of positive employee feedback on Chuck's routine - and this is from people who have been attending for many, many years - they found his routine to be very 'smart' - and appreciated how he didn't choose to pick on audience members or cross a line in order to get the laughs (as his bio states "never having to resort to vulgarity to get the laughs"). Please pass on our many thanks to Chuck. I hope we're lucky enough to get someone of his caliber again when we celebrate next year.

Take care,

Lisa Ward
Human Resources Manager
Baxter Corporation \ Canada

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