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"Have fun" was the best comedy advice Lori Gibbs ever received. She believes it so passionately she had it tattooed on her arm. That spirit of fun shines through in her performances. She is often called the "human antidepressant."
Lori’s Comedy Now! special regularly airs nationally on The Comedy Network. She was featured on Laugh Out Loud and is a regular on The Debaters, both on CBC Radio One. Lori has been nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award, has won an award from Chortle: the UK Comedy Guide and she can be seen on Shaw’s comedy documentary, The Inside Joke, which was nominated for an Alberta Film & Television Award. She recently enjoyed being part of the gala show at the inaugural Calgary Comedy Festival.
This irresistible comedian has become a favorite on comedy stages across Canada. Lori’s ability to instantly connect with an audience has made her one of the most sought-after comedians working today. Her comedy is genuine, disarmingly fun, and wonderfully enthusiastic, appealing to a wide variety of audiences.
Feeling at home on stage at a corporate fundraiser, a small town pub, and everything in between, Lori’s humour and disposition turn any event into a fun time.
What people are saying about Lori:
“Lori Gibbs is a people magnet.  Our diverse audiences instantly connect with Lori’s bold and genuine humour. Irresistibly charming, universally appealing, and radiating with positive energy, Lori is beloved by both our audiences and our staff.”   -Angie Booth, Yuk Yuk’s at the Elbow River Casino, Calgary
“Lori Gibbs is professionally funny and by that I mean she makes other comics pee their pants.”  -Bryan Callen, MADtv, The Hangover, The Hangover Part 2, Entourage, Old School
“Lori was the MC for our Fundraiser Show in St. Thomas, Ontario….being a fresh face in Southern Ontario, Lori’s humour and interaction with the audience was very welcoming. She is one of the most natural comedians I have had the pleasure to work with producing comedy. Lori is really going places in this business and is most definitely welcome back anytime! Thanks Lori for sharing your talent with us!”   -Peter McDermid, Comedy Producer
“The show was GREAT! I had such good feedback, and people are asking me when the next show will be. For a first time hosting a comedy night, we sold out. Thanks again for a fantastic show.”  -Meghan MacIsaac, City of Revelstoke
“You are the best. I almost peed my pants. Your review from the weekend was great as per norm. I would host a show for you anytime. Come to think about it, I hope your available for the next tournament.”  -A. Newberry, Humans Helping Humans Housing Foundation
“Lori is a human antidepressant.”   -Audience Member
“I’ve watched Lori Gibbs grow from an feature act to a touring headliner. Her comedy is relatable and self deprecating. It’s everything stand up comedy should be. The fact that she’s a suburban housewife who crafts by day and a world class stand up comedian by night boggles my mind. She’s the best of both worlds… warm and sincere in the daylight then completely mischievous with hilarious punchlines and killer comedic instinct by moonlight.  You really can’t go wrong with Lori Gibbs, 24 hours a day.  I’m so glad she forced me to be friends with her. She’s the best thing in my life, and I’d be dead without her. She also owes me like, $45 dollars (American).” -Iliza Shlesinger, Winner-Last Comic Standing, Host of TV’s “Excused”
“Well, you were my first… comedian that is.  I loved your show and found myself completely taken over and would definitely watch for you again.  I look forward to many more laughs.”  -Kelley Mohn, City of Revelstoke
“The world needs more Lori Gibbs brand fun.” – Nikki Payne, Video on Trial, Single White Spenny, Last Comic Standing, 4 time Canadian Comedy Award winner including 2012 Comedy Person of the Year
“I like Lori’s boobies!” – Emillio Estevez, Nikki Payne’s dog
“Laughter is essential to our overall well-being, it strengthens the immune system, releases the ‘feel good’ endorphins and allows to show on our faces. An evening spent with Lori Gibbs will truly allow one to feel healing beyond all understanding. Thank you for elevating us all tonight. Lori, my dear, you are truly gifted!”   – L. Sobek, Transplant Nurse
“Joy seems to be a driving force for Gibbs’ comedy.”   -Eric Volmers, Calgary Herald
“Granny Panty Blues is a chart topper that should be every woman’s anthem!!”   -Angela Pond, Comedy Fan
“Lori engaged the crowd and brought the house down with laughter. Our students loved her comedy, her performance, and her open invitation for anyone to become her friend. Her ability to interact with the crowd gives her act a personal touch that stands out above the rest.”   -Anthony Enman, Social Director, University of New Brunswick, Saint John
“Lori performed at our Employee Appreciation Week and had the staff howling with laughter!”   -Rachel Coppens, Intercare Calgary
“She’d make friends in a police lineup.”   -Lori’s husband


"Lori engaged the crowd and brought the house down with laughter. Our students loved her comedy, her performance, and her open invitation for anyone to become her friend. Her ability to interact with the crowd gives her act a personal touch that stands out above the rest."
-Anthony E, University of New Brunswick, Saint John