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Hunter Collins

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Hunter Collins

Hunter Collins is North America's foremost nincompoop comedian. Some call him an "International Television Juggernaut", others "The Draw", and others "The King of Modesty", but most know him as that man who keeps asking them for the rest of their food.

Originally from Montreal, this bilingual performer has graced the stage at countless illegal baby-fighting rings and festivals, including The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, The Cottage Country Comedy Festival (3 times), NXNE (5 times), The Montreal Sketchfest (4 times) and The Toronto Sketchfest. Hunter has sexed it up big-time on Much Music's hit syndicated show "Video On Trial" and in a surprising amount of rural bus stations.

Hunter is a graduate of the Comedy Writing & Performance program at Humber College, where he won the Mike Myers Award, which is given to the graduate who achieves the highest levels of performance and professionalism. He has also taken home a Canadian Film Festival People's Choice Award and plans to one day win some sort of award that has to do with ripping farts that sound like words.

He is happily married to 30 Mormon ladies and has 96 biological children. Download Hunter's uproarious comedy albums "Nincompoop" and "Quénadian" on iTunes.

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