Improv Showdown with John Hastings


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Show Summary: Improv Showdown is an improv-comedy competition designed specifically for corporate functions.

Show outline: Improviser John Hastings will provide a thirty-forty five minute tutorial on improvisation comedy to your group.  This time will serve as an amusing team building exercise for your group and will also instill some positive communication techniques into your group dynamic. Then the group will be divided into teams (the number of teams will be determined by the size of the people participating). The teams will then compete in an openly jokey false competition using improv games and exercises the groups had worked through during the training session. This competition can take place in front of a crowd of co-workers or can be simply conducted for the participants. The competition time can be adjusted but will last for a minimum of 45 minutes. The goal of this show is to create a fun and comedic improvisational experience for your corporate group.

Examples of Games that will be played

Alphabet: Ask the audience for a letter of the alphabet. Do a straight scene. The first line has to start with the selected letter of the alphabet, and the next line must start with the following letter (A follows Z in this game). Continue progressing through the alphabet until you end up with the letter that you started with. You can do it backwards, too, if you really, really want to.

Storytelling Die: The players line up onstage, except for one player who is the "pointer". Ask for the title of a never-before-told story to be narrated by the players. Players speak only when the "pointer" is pointing to them, and continue each other's sentences (sometimes mid-word). If a player starts their segment with the word "and", a stumble or hesitation, or make no sense, the audience can yell, "Die!" to kill them off. The "dead" player goes offstage, and the remaining players tell a new story. Repeat until one storyteller is left, and they usually get to start the next scene.

Bing!: Do a straight scene. At any time during the scene, the audience can yell, "Bing!" and the players will have to swap roles on stage, and the scene continues. Props help, but try to use strong, recognizable characters.

Foreign Film: Do a scene in which the players speak gibberish. Offstage, the other players will provide the English translation.


Alternative to Improv Showdown

If you do not think that Improv Showdown is appropriate for your work function a two man improv show staring John and his long time improv comedy partner Scott Goldman using the same games that would be played in improv showdown.

John Hastings is a graduate of the prestigious Second City Conservatory, the former Head Improvisational Trainer of the Quebec Region of the Canadian Improv Games as well as being a Canadian Comedy Award Nominee. John is a nationally recognized improviser and comedian.

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