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Lawrence Morgenstern The perfect event for companies looking for alternatives to golf tournaments, fun nms and the like. Yuk Yuks presents "Corporate Family Feud", an elimination tournament that can handle up to eight teams of five to ten players each. The tournament would consist of head to head elimination rounds of the classic game show contest "Family Feud". Depending on the number of participants and the length of time your company wants the tournament to last, games can be single round, best of three or best. of five. Just in case an explanation is needed, here's how the game is played... It's really quite simple...

The teams, assembled either by department, random draws or individual choice, face off against each other by answering the, by now, universally known "Family Feud" type survey questions. For Example...

-- Name a food most often cooked in a microwave. (ANSWERS)
1. Leftovers
2. Popcorn
3. Soup
4. Frozen meals
5. Melting butter

-- Name a piece of furniture you might need help moving. (ANSWERS)
1. Sofa/couch
2. Desk
3. Bed/Mattress
4. Piano
5. Entertainment Center



We recently had our Distribution Team in from across the country for 3 days of meetings…we felt we needed to add more interaction to the evening events rather than just dinner.  We were able to arrange a Family Feud tournament with Lawrence as our host for the first night…OMG if was hilarious everyone had a great time!
We’ll definitely do this again!

Carol Leitch - The Edge Benefits

I just want to say Lawrence was great and everyone had a good time. I was his assistant and I enjoyed it very much. It was nice to have something fun for the staff in our department and it was great that everyone participated. No one was left out. Lawrence kept everyone laughing the whole time. I'd have him come back in the future for sure.

Ann Clarke - Town of Aurora


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