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Paul Smith

Festivals, Fundraisers, MC, Resorts, Comedy

Paul Smith

In 1964, in Niagara Falls, Paul Smith was born into Prussian Royalty. When Paul’s parents found out that Prussia no longer existed, he was immediately sold to a roving band Gypsies. Upon hearing that the phrase Gypsy was no longer politically correct, they immediately traded Paul to a pack of local wolves for half a squirrel, a really nice stick and a player to be named later.

Paul fit in well and quickly adapted to the ways of the pack.

Fast forward fifteen years to Mark Breslin sitting around his men’s club having smart cocktails with a few pillars of industry and other felons.

 “I bet I can make a comedian out of a wolf if you gave me a month,” says Breslin, and the bet was on.

After an exhaustive country wide search of every den Mark could find, Paul was picked. He was picked for his wit, his uncanny timing but most importantly, he was the only candidate who could drive.

Fast forward twenty years and Smith still prowls the comedy stage making them howl wherever he goes.  

With a performance at the ACC on the NHL Awards, numerous appearances on CBC, CTV and the Comedy Network he’s the perfect fit for any show, but…it’s still more fun to hire him on full moon!

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