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Sean  Proudlove


Sean Proudlove

Born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia, Sean Proudlove found his calling early- he could make people laugh. Of course at that age, he was usually ripping off material from Sanford and Son episodes he had watched the night before.

In 1997, Sean performed stand-up for the first time. The show went better then he had bragged to his friends when he lied to them the week before claiming he had performed that night. Either way Sean was hooked, on stand up that is. For the next ten years Sean worked somewhat hard on his act, performed on many shows and traveled all over. He also produced successful comedy shows and still managed to dream of time travel.

Sean also entered the Corner Gas Stand Up Competition and was chosen as one of the finalists from over 1600 contestants. Although he did not win, he ate as much free food as humanly possible.  Sean has also filmed his first “Comedy Now” television special.

Sean’s stand up style has been described as oddly observant, fearless and poignant but for things that don’t matter or ever happen. Sean’s arsenal of sickly smart comedy is enough to leave any crowd begging for an encore or chanting “no more”. He is at ease in front of many different types of audiences, and is slowly becoming a favourite as one of the country’s funniest comedians.

“The rest of us- we’re all derivative of somebody else, but with Sean, it’s a unique thought process.”  - Brent Butt

“Proudlove is a stand up comic and such an original one.” - Vancouver Sun

“He may be the most banned comic in town, but he’s quick on his feet, isn’t above insulting the audience, and is just plain funny.” - Georgia Straight

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