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Derek Seguin

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Derek Seguin

A seasoned stand up comedian, Derek Seguin has traveled across Canada to numerous comedy clubs and festivals catering to both French and English audiences. His televised appearances include performances at the CBC Winnipeg and Halifax festivals, “En Route Vers Mon Premier Gala Juste pour Rire”, the Grand Rire du Quebec. Derek’s take on all things in life have a Quebecois flare to them that are hysterical for everyone from a corporate to a club audience. (Meaning he works squeaky clean and filthy f#*!in dirty) His connection with his audiences makes him a fan favorite. Whether he’s ragging on politics or describing life with his children, he brings us into his perspective without preaching any selfish point of view… he’s simply fun to watch and listen to. The quintessential performer, Derek is a stand-up comedian, actor, host, narrator, voice actor and most importantly, father of 3 beautiful children… and all this, in both English and French (especially the “papa” part).

Just For Laughs review (from GQ Magazine, July 31, 2014) :

"Montreal-comic Derek Seguin stole one of the most star-studded gala shows last year (2013) from host Whitney Cummings. This year he appeared in The Nasty Show (in which the stand-ups perform their most shocking and filthy material) and proceeded to steal that too. A true star and Montreal's pride and joy.”

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