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Boris was born in Moscow, Russia on December 12, 1964. His parents emigrated to Canada when Boris was 10 years old.
Having lived as a child across the road from the Moscow Circus, Boris got an early initiation into matters mysterious. A bright-eyed child with an appreciation for the art of performance, Boris was a regular fixture in the audience and backstage. He was mentored by world-famous clowns Yury Nikulin (now bearing the name Yury Nikulin's Moscow Circus) and Oleg Popov.
As a teen, Boris read the new-age classic The Search For Bridey Murphy by Morey Bernstein, which is a true story about a hypnotist involved in a past life regression with a female subject - a lady is regressed past her birth, only to reveal names, locations and events of a past. The hypnotist records the session, follows up on the facts provided, and they happen to be true - the events, people and locations actually existed. Excited about a fascinating subject and a skeptic, Boris having the need to know more, devours every book available on the subject of hypnosis, hypnotism, hypnotists and hypnotherapy. Follow up books by the Amazing Randi provided incredible insights to the subject, giving possible explanations and solutions.
Early attempts at hypnotizing people were at parties where friends would provide the material and ideas that have evolved into what you see on stage today. Having continued with the education on the subject, York University, University of Toronto and Seneca College provided training in the fields of psychology and computers. Even though the two fields do not appear to be related, computer and mind programming are very similar, providing logical outcomes to given instructions. Boris is constantly learning and improving his knowledge and is a certified hypnotist and hypnotherapist, even though his practice primarily encompasses the entertainment field and motivational team building events. He is a member of several hypnosis guilds and organisations.
Initially performing as a one-name performer - Boris, which was eventually changed to Hypnotist The Incredible BORIS, because promoters and club owners kept adding different adjectives to describe the sentiment of the show. "Incredible" was used the most.
First professional engagement as a comedy hypnotist at the age of 17, gave start to a vast entertainment career that lead to worldwide performances from Amsterdam to Japan, across USA and Canada. Having spent over 25 years entertaining, and performing upwards of 300 shows a year, Boris is a regular fixture in many settings - from theatres and night clubs to corporate functions and casino showrooms. The show is always a guaranteed success. Breaking numerous attendance records, word of mouth has been the best form of advertisement. The show is regularly brought back for a return appearance.
Music has been a large part of Boris' life, having finished grade six of the Royal Conservatory of Music in flute and also proficient in six other musical instruments - guitar, saxophone, base, drums, piano and clarinet. That is why the show is musical, keeping the rapid pace between the never-ending laughter.
The show always delivers a positive message. At the end of every show the participants are given positive suggestions  as a thank you for their involvement. The show never oversteps the boundaries of good taste, insuring that the audience is laughing with the participants and not at them.
Boris regularly appears on television and has been the featured guest on numerous programs, delivering a comical outlook on an otherwise serious subject. The volunteers are the stars of the show, always presented in a positive light. Boris has been showcased on television and seen on Maury, Montel, Howie Mandel Show, The Vegas Show among many others, and prominent comedy festivals - Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal and the Boston Comedy Festival.
During a working trip in Las Vegas, Teller (of Penn & Teller) usually the silent one of the magic duo, has related to Boris one of the most precise definitions of stage hypnosis by Amazing Randi - Agreement between two people to fantasize together. This definition is listed here for your knowledge and to enlighten, having attributed the ownership to proper sources.
The passion with which Boris presents his show is engaging and contagious, while the impact is unforgettable.
Find out why long after the day of the show, people still talk about it…

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