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Stephen Coombs


Stephen Coombs

Smuggled into Newfoundland at the tender age of 4 by his Bell Island-born parents, in an effort to conceal his true identity, Steve Coombs maintains to this day that he is a “Newfoundlander born and bred and he’ll be one till he dies.”

Since making his stage debut at the 2008 Newfoundland Screech (St. John's) Comedy Festival, Steve has toured with Yuk Yuk’s and entertained audiences from Newfoundland to Toronto. His comedy has been featured nationally on CBC Television, Radio and XM Satellite Radio. Cited as 'One to Watch' in Downhome magazine’s 'New Faces of Comedy' cover feature, he is rapidly becoming one of Newfoundland’s next best untapped natural resources to benefit mainland Canada.

With his witty, nice-guy persona, this 30-something-year-old husband and father’s self-deprecating humor wins over audiences with a solid bundle of jokes, hilarious re-enactments and anecdotes regarding married life, parenthood and, well, life in general.





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