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Lisa Baker


Lisa Baker

Lisa Baker was born and raised in St. John's, Newfoundland. A true Newfoundlander, Lisa sees the funny in every situation, good or bad, and her strong east coast accent only serves to add to her already hysterical material. After hearing 'You should be a comedienne' for years, she decided to try it out. She felt so at home on stage that she began performing wherever and whenever, writing down anything that struck her as funny. It's been four years since her first performance and Lisa hasn't looked back.

Lisa had her first child while she was still a teenager-shocking for a Newfoundlander, we know-and she never thought that being a single parent would actually help advance her career but her family is a constant, if not willing, source of material and, regardless of what she implies, there is no inbreeding. Her time as a single mom, amateur comedian, and student-all at the same time-made her realize two things: Ramen noodles CAN be a balanced meal if you toss in some baloney; and the whole experience, while utterly depressing for her, is side-splitting entertainment to everyone else. Her mantra has always been 'Today's misery is tomorrow's punchline!'

Lisa's resume includes several performances at Yuk Yuk's in St. John's, as well as the Newfoundland Screech Comedy Festival. In March 2009, Lisa made it to the finals at the local level of the Great Canadian Laugh-Off, placing third overall, and has since worked with such professionals as Stephen Patterson and Richard Lett. Her edgy style has been keeping audiences on the east coast in stitches and she considers no topic taboo. Lisa has been called the possible love-child of Andrew Dice Clay and Roseanne Barr (there's a lovely visual for you) and has also been hailed as the next Mary Walsh. Although educated, Lisa has always seen her education as a back-up plan and prefers the stage to a desk but is willing to perform on a desk if it will hold her


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