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Paul Warford


Paul Warford

Paul Warford was hatched in a laboratory experiment in 1982, being then placed for observation in Bay Roberts, Newfoundland. He was raised there.

Paul began doing standup comedy at the age of twenty at Acadia Univeristy in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. Since then he has been denied stage time at many successful venues. Living in St. John’s, Paul was one of the early ‘regulars’ to perform at the amateur comedy evenings in The Victory on Water Street. Paul has been attempting to build a repertoire ever since in his constant, desperate search for sex.

Paul reached the finals in the St. John’s tributary of The Great Canadian Laugh Off, and though he didn’t place, he did manage to meet some of the waitresses.

Paul attempts to deliver comedy that is accessible to all, while being offensive only to those who irritate him endlessly.

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