Roster Acts - Julien Dionne

Julien Dionne

Clean, Comedy

Julien Dionne

When Julien Dionne found himself in a cubicle, soaked under the greenish-glare of fluorescent lighting, at first he thought he was hallucinating after a bad slip and fall. But it was actually much worse. He had slipped and fallen right into “real life”. In addition to a regular pay cheque and the potential for a nice little pension in forty years, the whole thing gave him one big all-over body rash. When the itching became too much, he ran from the watercooler to the stage, trading his briefcase for a mic.

Quickly becoming an oft-chanted name on the Canadian comedy circuit, this financial advisor turned comedian’s material has been described as a “clever, sarcastic look at the absurd” by probably somebody out there -we’re almost sure of that. And as “clean, professional, and downright brilliant” by his mother.

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