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Mike Craigdallie

May I introduce Mike Craigdallie…not for the faint of heart, or the simple minded!  Comedy was a dream when he was 20. But he decided to have a bit of a life before he mocked his own.   This is where the funny comes from…divorced twice, former bank manager, and a devious little mind.  Mike can take you in to a hole that even Alice would wonder about. Be aware that what comes out during a show…is that…just a show
From Prince George BC, and parts in between, Mike can comment. Good bad or ugly. There will be a comment. Topics range from things to do when bored to things that as a grown up …you have to do un-censored, unmotivated…and frankly unattractive. The reasons for the jokes are that sit ups hurt.
Bring Mike to your stage …it’s like be-friending the ugly one in high school
You will definitely look amazing by comparison
My name is Lindsay Mroch and I am the manager of Monashee’s Bar and Grill in Vernon, BC.  We had the honor of having Mike Craigdallie perform in our establishment on October 30th, 2010 and what an honor it was!
We have been on the Yuk-Yuks Comedy tour since July 2010 and we can honestly say that Mike may be one of our top performers thus far.  Not only was he a personal favorite of mine but also my staff and most importantly our customers.  Mike was stepping into a tough and not so happy crowd but that didn’t stop him from winning their laughs and essentially saving the show.  We don’t doubt that he could do it all over again when given the chance.
We would absolutely have Mike back in our club and we guarantee that anyone that is privileged enough to have his presents on stage will feel how we do!
We loved you Mike!
Lindsay Mroch - Marketing and Promotions Manager - Monashee’s Bar and Grill

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