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Donnie Coy

Fundraisers, MC, Resorts, Bachelor, Comedy

Donnie Coy

Always a bit twisted and mysterious, Donnie Coy has a hint of the Everyman in him and has excelled in comedy for over a decade.

Easily identified in Canada as the "mad hatter" of comedy, his blue-collar approach to humor is a hit across Canada and the United States.

He's witty, a little dangerous and always first-class. His real-life observations are contemporary and often wander to the edge of the abyss. There's something wild smoldering under his rough and tumble exterior, however, his approach to comedy is challenging and his topical range provocative.

Donnie Coy - a true comic genius: smart, sarcastic, sweet, and sour. He's everything you want in a comedian and more, much much more.

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