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Johnny  Gardhouse

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Johnny Gardhouse

For the past fifteen years Johnny Gardhouse has been a touring stand-up comic, making him a true road warrior. From coast to coast, across Canada and the United States, and all the way to the other side of the planet, Johnny has played colleges, universities, nightclubs and hosted numerous corporate engagements.

However, you’ve probably never heard of him. That suits him just fine, because once you’ve seen Johnny, you will never forget him.

He is quick on his feet and never at a loss for words. His razor sharp comebacks and unique blend of current event and storytelling comedy make this Canadian Gordie able to hold his own on the world stage.

“Hey, he kinda looks familiar?” Well that’s because Johnny can be seen in countless television commercials, that air across North America.

From his turn as the “Cash for Life” postman, to the boomerang ducking guy in the Sensodine Toothpaste ad, he has been invading your living room for more than fifteen years.

Some may also recognize Johnny from the Blockheads, the Toronto comedy troupe that fooled talk show host Jerry Springer changing daytime TV forever.

Last year Johnny was featured in the hit NBC series “Last Comic Standing” where he shone brightly.

For insomniacs and the unemployed he is most recognizable from his co-host duties on the Comedy Networks hit series “Gutter Ball Alley” where pushing the envelope of dignity was their mandate. 

Last year also ended with a life changing tour of the Middle East, where he was honored to travel to Afghanistan to perform for the Canadian Forces and Coalition allies.

Johnny Gardhouse, bringing you the ha, ha since 1992.

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