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Anjelica Scannura

Anjelica Scannura

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Anjelica Scannura is a Toronto-based comedian, actress and producer.  She did her first stand-up TV taping at the 2022 Winnipeg Comedy Festival, and has been featured on CBC’s Laugh Out Loud.  She’s also performed in the Boston, Palm Springs and Burbank Comedy Festivals and did a residency at the Broadway Comedy Club in 2018 in NYC.  She's opened for Colin Mochrie, Stavros Halkias, and Joe List. 

Anjelica was just a part of JFL 42 and will be performing at the Cleveland Comedy Festival 2022.  She produces and hosts several stand-up shows in Toronto, and the Haymaker Comedy Festival in the heart of Prince Edward County. 

She’s had roles in productions on CTV, Disney, Family Channel, APTN, and The CW.  Other notable credits include TIFF’s Manson My Name is Evil, eOne’s Little Italy, CBC’s Exhibitionists and CBC’s Frankie Drake Mysteries, to name a few.  

She’s a dynamic comic who can keep it corporate clean, or descend into the deepest depths of depravity (if you ask her nicely!)

Check out her free lifestyle app Anjelica's Daily Surprise!  www.anjelica.tv